M U S I C !

Some tunes I've been liking! :P

thom yorke - dawn chorus

drifting in and out of consciousness

what would you do if you had the option to go back in time, say, a year? if you could do it all again? it's something i've thought about a lot

the cure - in between days

you ever listen to a song and think "this needs to be used as credits music in a movie"? because i do, ALL the time, and listening to this song today while sitting in the car, I not only thought about how great this would be at the end of a movie, but I daydreamed up a whole hypothetical movie and ending sequence that would most effectively be set to in between days by the cure.

this page has been really 80s-heavy recently, which isn't intentional. tomorrow i'll probably pick something more modern for more variety

sonic youth - teen age riot

sounds exactly like the title. pure rebellious angst and i love it

sonic youth MASTERED the guitar. guitars have never sounded better than the piercing wall of noise they are on this song and album

really the entirety of the Blade Runner soundtrack but this one in particular

not to exaggerate but this soundtrack makes every other movie soundtrack sound like trash. soundtracks this good should be illegal

amazing movie, too

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.

there's some kind of beauty in deep, crushing loneliness

new order - ceremony

i've already added a New Order song here (plus a Joy Division song, and they're technically the one who wrote the song anyway), but i've listened to this song too many times in the past few days to not write some bullshit about it here

this song is made up of two chords and some muffled vocals. and yet, it sounds like life, you know? as in, it's one of those songs i need to listen to every so often just to remind myself i'm still alive

love - alone again or

i can't think of anything on my own today. here's the first song to play when i shuffle my music library

good song

I heard a funny thing
Somebody said to me
"You know that I could be in love with almost everyone
I think that people are the greatest fun"

stardust - music sounds better with you

the best daft punk song that daft punk never made

basically just one loop repeated for 7 minutes but damn if it isn't the only song that matters

slowdive - alison

i've been thinking about it, and this is the best song ever. this is it. music ended here

sometimes i'll play this song just so I can hear that part at 0:52. it sounds like the rest of the song is melting underneath the chorus... complete musical bliss

joy division - decades

i'm slowly warming up to joy division's music. i've always had somewhat mixed thoughts on them, though ian curtis is maybe one of my favorite lyricists

god, this is so bleak. the whole album really sounds like one long suicide note and it's depressing as hell. great for listening to at 2:00 am during quarantine

Watched from the wings as the scenes were replaying
We saw ourselves now as we never had seen
Portrayal of the trauma and degeneration
The sorrows we suffered and never were free

the jesus and mary chain - just like honey

pop song with a thick layer of noise on it. cool

i keep coming back to this song. it progresses in a really satisfying way, you know? the guitar riff evolving over the course of the song is so cool

i've been thinking that maybe Lost in Translation is humanity's only worthwhile artistic output.

the kinks - strangers

don't really have the energy to write much tonight. great song. beautiful lyrics. used wonderfully in the darjeeling limited

the beach boys - heroes and villains

brian wilson was seriously a genius. this song just FEELS like something special and important, an expertly crafted pop odyssey. wonderful song, and it's not even my favorite by them.

i love the a capella bits so much

orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - enola gay

i love 80s synthpop / new wave. i think the 80s were probably the best time for mainstream pop music ever; there's good music from all time periods of course, of course, but personally, i think the overlap of my favorite songs and the biggest songs is largest for the 80s. take on me, tainted love, and everybody wants to rule the world, among others, are so damn good. but in the end, i'm convinced that this one is the best. the synth sound is SO great, it makes the whole song sound so lush and warm. which is a bit ironic, considering it's about nuclear annihilation

the crowning moment of this song is that last verse, where the extra synth plays alongside the vocals. i've heard this song dozens upon dozens of times and it gets me every single time

fun fact: according to spotify, this was my most listened-to song of last year

spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

consistently, the only song I can show to literally anyone and always get a positive reaction

a maximalistic ode to the void. beautiful stuff

All I want in life's a little bit of love to take the pain away...

mission of burma - that's how i escaped my certain fate

the ideal punk song? maybe...

the line "CAN I COUNT ON YOU IF I FALL APART?" and the singer's delivery of it is at least 50% of the reason why this is good.

mgmt - in the afternoon

one of my favorite new songs. mgmt is quickly becoming one of my favorite bands and i think i've probably played this song 50 or so times since it's come out. it's so great! it reminds me a lot of echo & the bunnymen, actually - it's got the same gothic vibes

it has a really refreshing structure for a pop song, i've noticed; the chorus barely shows up until the end but it hinted at a lot. makes the reaaallly long chorus at the very end feel like such a rewarding, cathartic moment

the cover art is very cool.

chris bell - i am the cosmos

'70s power pop was on another level. this song is perfectly imperfect; rough around the edges and unpolished, but its rawness only makes it more affecting. there's so much passion and genius in this single four-minute song, it honestly makes me mad! i wish i could someday contribute something to this planet at least half as beautiful and true as Chris Bell did during his short time on earth.

insufferable teenage angst aside, i just want to point out how much i LOVE the opening line to this song:

Every night I tell myself "I am the cosmos"
"I am the wind"
But that don't get you back again

i don't think i've ever heard a better way to express that maybe you aren't as great as you thought you were. "cosmos" is also just a fantastic word, in general.

Just a perfect day
You made me forget myself

despite the song title, depressing as hell. it sounds like giving up in auditory form

used really well in the movie Trainspotting. i can credit it for my falling in love with this song

yo la tengo - i heard you looking

some day i would like to blast this song while driving on an empty highway at night

it never ceases to amaze me how music can have such an impact on you, even when it doesn't have any words at all. there are certain sounds that humans just immediately recognize as being happy, or sad, or bittersweet. brains are so weird

the avalanches - since i left you

this is what distilled happiness sounds like. it's the happiest song ever. unadulterated joy.

this song, along with the rest of the album its from, is made entirely out of samples from old records. it's a really fascinating concept to me; to take bits and pieces of old music and reshape them into something entirely new, breathing new life into lines of dialogue from old TV specials and drum beats from old pop songs. it's also just incredibly impressive. i can't imagine assembling hundreds, even thousands of samples into something as coherent and complete and even beautiful sounding as the avalanches did on this album. just listen to Frontier Psychiatrist for an even better example, it's catchy and fun and memorable and it's made purely of musical fragments.

the videos for both the songs linked up above are maybe the best music videos I've ever seen, by the way. frontier psychiatrist's video is simultaneously totally ridiculous and kind of genius.

new order - age of consent

oh my god, I love this so much. it feels like one of those songs you need to scream the lyrics to at least once in your life to be a complete person, you know? it's pure and passionate and life-affirming.

also check out leave me alone, which sounds like it would be the end credits music to a really, really good movie

the velvet underground - sunday morning

it's 11:51 pm on a sunday.

I don't really have much to say about this one. it's just one of the warmest songs I've ever heard. even though it's not the morning, it still kind of works for midnight too; i've always though it perfectly encapsulates that time right after waking up or right before going to sleep, when you're only semi-conscious, stuck between dreaming and real life

I won't forget all the things we did
some things last a long time.

about 6 months ago, Daniel Johnston, writer of the above song, passed away. throughout his career, he had kind of been an outsider figure in music; a significant portion of his most famous work is made up of ultra lo-fi half-songs, taped on cassettes, with hand-drawn doodles on them, that he passed out to locals while working at McDonald's. he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his mental state had a pretty severe impact on his career and art. he was by no means your average musician, even for the colorful local scene in Austin, TX. half of his cult status comes from a single incident in which Kurt Cobain was photographed wearing a t-shirt with his artwork on it (I have one too!).

yet, to characterize Johnston as some sort of oddity, that one guy with a weird high-pitched voice and some pretty strange music, is to do him and his career a disservice. once you get past his peculiarity as an artist, the man was legitimately a genius songwriter. countless musicians to come after him loved him and were influenced greatly by his childish, barely discernible pop songs. some of my favorites, aside from "Some Things Last a Long Time", which is linked above, are "Walking the Cow", "The Story of an Artist" (this one was in an Apple ad), "Hey Joe", "Casper the Friendly Ghost - I can't explain it, but that little organ riff that plays after the verses makes me so happy. it's a simple touch, but one that makes the song - and "Desperate Man Blues".

rest in peace, Daniel. true love will find you in the end.

hey, moon. it's just you and me tonight. everyone else is asleep.

soundtrack to staring at the ceiling fan at 1 in the morning. i love how it sounds like the synths are all crowding each other for space

side note, the video for the song I linked up above is really amazing. i've come across a few fanmade music videos made of compiled old cartoons, and I think I must have watched them all at least a dozen times, the artistic style of old animation is really so charming

hi. welcome to my music page. it's just like my blog, but less wordy and dedicated exclusively to songs bouncing around my brain cavity. i'm also less likely to bother with correct capitalization and/or grammar here

the music on the homepage is Plantasia by Mort Garson. there's a cool story behind it - the album was made for plants, meaning it was sold at a gardening store in LA, advertised as being able to make your plants to grow better. don't know if it actually helps plants grow, but it's a cute song

it reminds me a lot of the kind of video-gamey MIDI music on a lot of old websites, so that's why i settled on it for bg music. i might change it at some point because i think if i hear it every single time i open this website i'll end up hating the song